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Clear Aligners can correct a wide range of smile issues for adults and teenagers; gaps in teeth, overcrowding, overbites, and underbites. Many people prefer the aligners to traditional metal braces because they look better than brackets and wires, are more comfortable to wear, and do not cause damage to teeth.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

braces vs aligners

  • Discreet: Why should you announce to the world that you are straightening your teeth when there is an invisible way to improve your smile? Clear aligners are not visible in photos and are nearly undetectable in person. 

  • Comfortable: Aligners move your teeth incrementally every day instead of big jumps in movement with braces every month, so you do not have the soreness associated with traditional braces. Additionally you will not have to suffer from the metal brackets and wires that can hurt your mouth.

  • Improved Oral Health: Clear Aligners will be removed for eating, brushing, and professional dental cleanings, which means that you can keep your teeth clean and healthy throughout the process.

  • Beautiful Teeth: There is nothing worse than spending years in metal braces only to find that the surface of your teeth have been discolored and damaged from the brackets. Clear Aligners will not affect the enamel of your teeth and, better yet, you can use the clear aligners as whitening trays throughout the process so you can already improve your smile from the start.

  • Efficient: Clear Correct utilizes a specialty software program that designs a treatment plan to move teeth in the most ideal way. Most cases take about 1 year and are often quicker than braces.

  • Affordable: Most clear aligner cases are the same price or less expensive than metal braces. If you have insurance benefits for orthodontics, they will apply to clear aligner therapy as well.

Clear Correct Aligners

How to Get Started

1. Schedule a free consultation:  Dr. Saad will discuss with you what you would like to improve and explain how the clear aligners will help.

2. Get a scan: Sticky, messy impression material is a thing of the past. We use the latest technology to quickly and easily capture a digital impression of your teeth in order to create the most accurate treatment plan. 


3. Approve your case: Shortly after the scan you will have the opportunity to view a video of your case. It will show the before and after of your smile as well as the estimated time frame.

4. Start wearing your aligners: On your first day, Dr. Saad will go over all the instructions for wearing them so you will be confident to switch your aligners at home. You will come to the office for follow-ups every 6-8 weeks depending on your case.

5. Show off your beautiful smile! Your case will be done before you know it and you will be off enjoying your life with the smile you always wanted.

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